Montana Trip - June, 2017


Where We Stayed

Flew to Kalispell, MT from Houston, TX.  Stayed at the Historic Tamarack Lodge in one of their 2-story cabins ("Kintla" Cabin), located just north of Hungry Horse, MT.  Great place with lots of trees and little noise.  If you crossed the fence in our backyard, you were in the Flathead National Forest.


The Beaver Pond

300 yards beyond our back fence was the "Beaver Pond", a quiet place to visit and watch birds, etc.  Never saw any beavers, but did see evidence that they lived there.


Glacier National Park

While Glacier National Park was our main focus (and only about 5 miles up the road), we didn't limit ourselves to the park.  We also took a couple of raft trips down the Middle Fork of the Flathead River, drove to and shopped in Whitefish, MT, and several other side trips.  

The LONG Way Home


Are We Nuts?

Due to unforeseen circumstances I won't go into here, we elected to DRIVE home in a rental car from Kalispell, MT to Houston, TX (about 2,100 miles).  Ended up being a great experience and we're glad we did it!  The rental car places were very hesitant to turn loose of a one-way car, since their tourist season is just now cranking up, but we begged 'til we got one (at a significant price).  And, YES that's the Canadian border just a few miles north of Kalispell!


Southern Montana - Battle of Little Bighorn

I had NO idea where Custer's Last Stand occurred until we saw a sign "27 miles to Battle of Little Bighorn Monument" as we drove south through Montana.  Guess I always thought it occurred in South Dakota for some reason.  Great stop and very good bunch of presentations by the National Park Service.  Well worth the stop, if you've never been.


Garden of the Gods-Colorado Springs

Stayed the second night of our trip home in Castle Rock, CO and decided to stop by the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, CO.  Had no idea what "it" was, but was pleasantly surprised that it was free admission and well worth the stop.  Kept on trucking all day and all night; pulled into the driveway at 4:30 a.m. after driving 1,038 miles virtually non-stop, with only a few stops to stretch or take pictures.