S.E. Oklahoma & Caddo Lake, Nov-17



In November-17, I rode up to the Talihina, OK area in Southeast Oklahoma to meet my old Broken Arrow neighbor (Dave).  We only had a short weekend to ride together, so we made the most of every minute.  We camped at Billy Creek Recreational Area, east of Talihina.  Before Dave arrived, I selected the only campsite with a warning posted saying, "This area floods during heavy rains."  Luckily, it did not rain.  Notice that Dave is afraid of Bigfoot, so he always wears his headlamp, even when standing 3 feet from the fire.


Kiamichi Trail ("the K-Trail")

Although our riding scope was not well defined, we both knew we probably wanted to tackle at least a part of the somewhat infamous K-Trail, a well-known trail in the adventure biking world.  We selected the "easier" eastern half, and rode through extreme fog to get there.  The trail was at least as foggy as the road in.  I wimped out after only 6 miles, as my cycle is just too big for that terrain (for my skill level, at least).  At about the 3rd water "puddle", we turned around.  Could have probably made it through, but I've been sunk up to the axles before, and didn't really want to try that again.


Other Misc. Riding

After my wimping out on the K-Trail, we rode about 150 miles on various paved and unpaved roads the rest of that day.   Up along the ridges at higher elevation, the fog was ridiculous.  We were amazed we didn't see any accidents, considering how many people were out leaf-watching that weekend.  We ended up over near Mena, Arkansas, where we visited the small graveyard where Dave's Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother are buried.   After the cemetery visit, we gorged on BBQ in Mena before heading back to camp.  


Bigfoot Not Sighted

As far as we know, this is about as close as we got to seeing a Bigfoot, although I kept my eyes peeled the whole trip.  Probably didn't see any due to the fog.


Return Side-Trip to Caddo Lake (TX)

Since my wife was disappointed I was coming home so soon, I decided to take a detour to visit Caddo Lake near the town of Uncertain, Texas (more on the name later).  This boggy swampy lake is totally surrounded by cypress trees, and I'm sure Bigfoot and several alligators live there.


Strange Day in Uncertain, Texas

This could probably only happen in a small town like Uncertain.  Upon arrival, I went to the Caddo Lake State Park to try and rent a cabin.  After being ignored for about 10 minutes by the rudest state park employee I've ever met, I was gearing up to go elsewhere.  As I was leaving, a nice lady who had been in the rude ranger's office complaining about some deer poaching,  approached me and told me to go up the road about 5 miles to the town of Uncertain, where she told me a couple of places to check out for lodging.  Since none of the motels there have real offices, you have to call a posted phone number to get them to rent you a room, and of course, only Verizon works in that area (AT&T s.o.l).  The same nice lady came driving by and saw me scratching my head.   The next thing I knew, she had me park my cycle and jump in her truck.  She drove me to a couple of places and used her Verizon cell phone (which worked) to find someone who would come rent me a room.  We met "Betty" of the Uncertain Inn, and she graciously handed me the keys to one of the nice cabin-type rooms.  I was the ONLY occupant, so had the whole place to myself.  Anyway, after getting my key, the nice lady (Cindie) took me on the 10-minute driving tour of Uncertain, before dropping me off back at my motorcycle.  Turns out Cindie's grandfather ("Beer" Smith) led the charge to incorporate the town of Uncertain, TX back in the day.  The story of the town's name goes like this:  Poor ol' "Beer" Smith had to fill out the paperwork with the state before the future townspeople had met to vote on the name.  So, "Beer" just wrote "Uncertain" in the blank space for "Town Name".  And, it stuck!

Pretty good article about Uncertain here:  The Ghosts of Caddo