Adventure Ride-Sept-2017 OK,NM,CO (3,229 miles for me)

Back in February, before I blew out my shoulder, my friend Dave and I had planned a trip.  After 6 months of surgery recuperation, we finally put our plans into motion.  After 2 nights sleep in my own bed after the Yellowstone Trip, I set off for the Tulsa, OK area on my motorcycle (loaded with 102 pounds of "stuff" I probably didn't really need).  After spending 2 nights at Dave's house, we set off to cross northern OK on the Trans-American Trail (TAT) which is primarily dirt and gravel roads.  We rode most of the first day on the TAT, then we weaseled out and got on pavement the rest of the day and spent the first night in Buffalo, OK.  From that point, we set off for Pojoaque, NM (near Santa Fe...don't ask me to pronounce Pojoaque) to meet his old friend Steve, a gentle soul with unlimited patience.  After spending the night at Steve's house, we headed up through New Mexico's Jemez Forest area and on up into what would become our camping home for a couple of nights, Vallacita Reservoir, located just about 20 miles east of Durango, Colorado.  Steve's sister Robin generously allowed us to stay in the church campground she helps tend to.  We were the only occupants, which was nice.  Eventually we rode up to Telluride and rode a fairly easy, but beautiful, off-road section called Last Dollar Road.  After riding some beautiful roads for a couple of days, Steve headed back to "the grind" (job), while Dave and I headed back through New Mexico on a different route.  After getting a bright idea from YouTube, we found and rode a gnarly rocky "road" called Forest Road 76 through the Carson Nat'l. Forest.  Although Dave made easy work of the rocky road on his Kawasaki KLR, I made it look really hard on my beastly BMW GS.  Dave and I spent the night in Eagle Nest, NM (we wimped out and rented a hotel room), where my knees, elbows, wrists, etc. swelled with delight from the day's bone-jarring ride.  I was so proud I didn't dump the bike all day long on that torturous road....which reminds me: did I mention that I DID dump the bike in the parking lot of the motel in Buffalo, OK?  What an idiot...had to unload all 102 pounds of gear to pick it up, with Dave's assistance.  Finally, Dave and I made our way back through the Cimarron Canyon area, and spent the final night in The Eklund Hotel in Clayton, NM.  Dave and I parted ways in Clayton and he rode all the way to the Tulsa area that day.  I rode to my Mom's home for some recuperation and babying, before heading to Cypress, TX.  Think I'm done with vacations for this season; I'm tired, still swollen and just plain worn out.  Yes dear, I'm coming to help you plant some more flowers for Fall :) 

If you have time, see the short video and some pictures further below.


Check out this mediocre video (I've got to learn how to use that blasted drone better)