A Bit About Me

Another Bad Helmet Hair Day


A small-town guy, from Altus, Oklahoma originally, my family and I now live near Houston, Texas (not a small town).  We've been here longer than anywhere else (moved here in 2002) during my 35 year career as a chemical engineer for Texaco, LouisDreyfus, and Chevron.  Recently retired from the oil and gas industry, I've seen quite a bit of the glorious USA, and a couple of points beyond (5 yrs. in Angola Africa; 5 years in south central China; short visit to India).  Although I've always considered myself to be the outdoor / adventure type, living in Bellingham,  Washington from 1996 to 2001 seems to have firmly cemented the drive to be outdoors further into my soul.  While I've had to adapt my hobbies as I've moved from place to place (for example, sea kayaking was my main hobby in Washington), I've continuously felt the need to get off my laurels and get out there to see what's around the next corner, whether on a motorcycle or a unicycle (yes, I know it's hard to imagine, but it's true....I can still "sort of" ride a unicycle and I've got the bruises to prove it).
While I've always had a passion for all types of motorized machines, I've really re-zoomed in on my childhood love for motorcycles during the past few years (seriously re-entered the motorcycle world back in 2007).  And, although I still have a street worthy bike or two, I've zoomed in even further on the "adventure" motorcycle sector, mainly because I love roaming off the beaten concrete path, and I love camping.  Adventure motorcycling is a great combination of several things I enjoy (oh, forgot to mention I'm getting back into photography as a rank amateur in the early phases of my retirement).    While I'm not sure where this new website venture is headed, I'm leaning towards the idea of mainly using it to photographically document my trips, whether just a few miles from home, or something more adventurous.  For now, I've mainly just populated a few pics, but may eventually figure out how to blog.
To add to the adventure options, we've just recently procured an RV trailer (Wow, how did that happen?  That wife of mine is slick!!!). My wife and I plan to spend some time on the road, going places we've always wanted to experience together, but somehow just never got "around to it" while juggling two busy careers.  Since she's retiring at the end of May, 2017 (after 37 years of teaching elementary school), we figured "if not now, then when?".  So, I'll probably have a few pictures of various RV trips to bore you with from time to time.
I'm not ready for the permanent rocking chair yet (temporary is OK), so I'm still very excited to see what's around the next corner.  I'm hoping to at least be making some good memories for myself by creating this website.  Hopefully, it'll bring some joy to others who may accidentally discover it.  Please forgive my rookie web mistakes, as I just picked up this new hobby on May 22, 2017.  I will probably be leaning heavily on my son's advice, since he's a pro web dude.

Just how many KC's are there?


Actually, this one of many county road signs out in Kimble County, TX....near Junction.  This particular one is in the middle of nowhere, where I was riding.

I'm a Valentino Rossi Fan


For those of you who may not be familiar, Valentino Rossi is an Italian MotoGP motorcycle racer who has been around longer than anyone, and still going fairly strong.  Believe he's 38 or 39 years old, which is ancient in MotoGP racing.  This cheesy picture was taken near Valentino's tent at the MotoGP races in Austin, TX during April '17.